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INCARNATION ][ lair | abilities | death
SPIDER | by the forest, against a cliff | poison immunity | final blow delivered by November and Umi [DECEASED]
PANTHER | gardens | immune to magic, ice, and the cold [ACTIVE]



[ cue a lone turtleduck, visibly exhausted, bravely scuttling away and down the underground entrance. ]

[ and cue one visibly hungry Tickler, fast on its track. They both seem to disappear the way of the underground, and sadly the fixed device can't seem to capture an image of their goings-on. As for the sound part of things... ]

[ - very loud growls, the crash of something large against a wall, scratches, hissing - ]

[ - and then ten minutes later, the unharmed turtleduck reemerges at a leisurely pace, waddling towards the City. A few minutes after, a drained Tickler also crawls out, roughened up, much bloodied, and almost limping of one leg. ]

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[sprawled lazily on the train corridor between two compartments, the Tickler takes his well-deserved, thank you nap rest after two days of commission. He'll attack those who mean to get off the train, or to help with that, but, unprovoked, he might otherwise be almost... friendly. Almost.]

[ooc: since I know a couple of people wanted to interact with the impromptu train guardian, so >>! Anything from random conversations, to actual attacks, to TRYING TO WALK AROUND THE DAMNED CAT goes :D Original picture from here. ]

video post;

[an unclear view of pale water at first, then ripples, and storm - until finally the camera gains focus, showing the beach beyond the Cityscape, then its sea]

[the Tickler's paw comes into view, as he tries the water; he retreats the stained limb in haste, taking several steps back and hissing violently the way of the horizon. It disturbs him, this newborn sea. No, it offends him. And so does its weapon.]

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video post;

[Xanadu gardens: a large panther presiding over a well wrapped burden, wounds littered on its legs. To the telling eye, the beast might look tired, if content with the strips of meat on the meadow, the clothing and blood. ]

The name, wanted a name, your servant asked, Masters, didn’t want the old one, Masters. But new with the new, old with the old. You gave nothing, and the old remains.

[he spits more blood from his mouth, showing damaged fangs and raw gums ]

You’ve claimed one of the Tickler’s.

[the Tickler’s paw withdraws, ripping away pieces of cloth from the bundle, and revealing it to be the statue of a slain Nuada.]

The Tickler’s claimed one of yours.

Thank you, Masters, greetings from He Below, Masters.

[ooc: action, if anyone’d like to recover Nuada’s statue remains + video for everyone else. And yes, he, er, tried to chew on the Nuada!statue and ended up harming his mouth, orz]

video ][ action

[this fine morning finds the Tickler in the Square, mounted lazily on the Carousel, juuuuuuuust chilling. One of his front legs, ripped and hollow, is clutched by the other seven, which knock it against the carousel, bending the metal. Blood's littered all over his body, as well as pieces of... human skin.]

Itsy... bitsy... Masters...I've come after my name.

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a dance


[raspy, low, metallic - ]

"Master, do anything, Master, any littlest thing, Master, but weave me gold, Master."

"Anything, child?"

"Anything, Master, cut my head, he will, Master, cut my head, if I don't." Empress, he was your husband, your husband, Empress, he wouldn't have.

"Your firstborn, child, your firstborn and I'll weave gold."

"Master, yes, Master."

In fortnight, done. In nine months, womb grown, fastened, festered and grown, and it popped.

"I am here, child, here for the heir."

"Master, no, Master, give me a boon, new with child, Master, give me a wish."

"A wish, child, keep your son and give me name."

"Master, your name, Master," said and wept she, "Your name... is it...?"

The name, children, what's his name, children, his name...?

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